The Everyday Warrior

This jacket is more than ‘just a jacket’. It is a shield for the warrior — the everyday person — to help coping with all the difficulties of life. It is a long journey not only because of time, but also our own evolution within. We grow and create. We fail and succeed. We shine and decay.


Filled with symbols of fertility, it empowers the beginning of a new life. The pattern on the back is inspired on the ‘bíbor’, a head scarf worn by the Sárközi women, until giving birth to it's first child. The  original Trucker jacket itself was created for heavy duty, and to last for a lifetime. What other equipment can a warrior wish for to pursue its destiny?

A collaboration with Levi’s Belgium to reinterpret the Trucker jacket for its 50th anniversary. 

Photo 1 and 9: Levi's- Daniil Lavrovski

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