Cancellation & Return Policy

Please read carefully before ordering.

By placing an order on our website you agree with to the return policy.

Cancellation of order

  We offer 100% money refund on products that are ready to wear or on order cancellations on products that are made to order BEFORE THEY HAVE BEEN SENT TO PRODUCTION.

  Once a made to order product sent to production we offer 50% payback on digitally printed products and 70% on handmade products that are cancelled before sending.

  In case of cancellation we refund the shipping cost.

Return after delivery to recipient

  After successful delivery you have 14 days starting from the day of delivery to return the product without any quality complaints.

  Ready to wear products are refund 100% of the price after confirmed delivery back to us in a spotless state.

 Made to order products are only refundable 50% of the price after confirmed delivery back to us in a spotless state.

  The return shipping costs within the 14 days without complaint are payed by the customer.

  We do not refund the shipping cost of the original order.

Return with complaints

  Returning the products with complaints are possible in the following cases:

  • There is damage on the product upon reception (On the product! Not on the shipping box, nor on the packaging!)

  • There are stains on the product that are not part of the design or the painting process. For example make-up, ink stain…etc.  (Please note that in some cases hand painting processes or steaming can leave certain kind of stains on the product. These are part of the design.)

  • The quality of the edging is unstable. Comes lose within 6 months of normal wear.

 After conformation of the issue and receiving the product back in a state that it can prove that the damage has been our fault, you can apply for a 100% price refund. In these cases we offer you free return shipping, or refund the costs if you send us the receipt.

What does ‘in a spotless state’ mean?

  It means that you return the product as you have received it. We will not charge you if the product is not wrapped in the same tissue paper or you are missing the care information leaflet. But we do ask you to provide a suitable packaging for the return, because you may lose your right for refund if we receive the product damaged. (It is not applicable for products that are returned with a complaint, but we would like you to return those as well in a suitable packaging)

  The products must be returned nicely folded, in unworn state, minimal creases present (mainly light folding creases are acceptable, due to shipping), unwashed, unrinsed, undamaged, without stains of any kind, and unscented!

  We do not refund you if the product has any kind of stains, for example stains from cosmetics such as oils and creams, perfume stains, any sort of make-up stain, and /or  if the product has been washed or rinsed with water or any kind of washing products, and/ or if the product wears obvious damage, that has been caused by the customer or its environment.  We do not refund products that smell of perfume, tobacco or any kind of distinct smell.

  Please note we administer the product we send to you, by taking a picture of the state of the product before sending it. This allows us to see if your product may have been damaged during the shipping, and allows us to charge the delivery company for damages.

We value our customers! Please contact us with your questions or complaints before submitting a legal complaint.

By placing an order on our website you agree to the return policy.

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