OMG! Van Eyck Was Here

Can you imagine wrapping yourself in the sunlit meadow of the old Flemish Masters? This plaid can give you that unique experience! Inspired on the flora of the Adoration of The Lamb it was intended to be your warmest friend on cold gloomy nights, cheering you up with its bright colors and whispering the wisdom and secrets of the various flowers in a modern composition with unexpected woven details. This plaid is a result of a graduation project that was based on a collaboration between StadGent and KASK School of Arts. The plaid is one of the 70 Makers of Ghent product that was created to celebrate the Van Eyck year in 2020.  

The plaid is available in the Van Eyck Shop in Ghent and in the Kunstbibliotheek of KASK in 2020.

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