Print and Woven Textile Designer

Photo: Frederik Van Allemeersch

I had a tiny reminiscing the other day: What was first the egg or the chicken? Weaving or silk painting? Fashion or Textile? I just remember it was all present since a very young age. The hardest thing to do was to keep my hands off fabrics: I can only fully see with my hands.

In fact, what was first, doesn't really matter after all this time: Textile is my destiny, in any form. It moves both sides of me: the technical and the creative one too. It unites the opposites in me. It needs to be accurate, yet passionate. Full of colors, organic lines, but measurably square, preferably fitting in a box of an industry standard.

What greater gift could I wish for, then this?


KASK School of Arts

Ghent, Belgium

Textile Design BA

Corvinus Uviversity of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Horticultural engineer BSc

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